Boilermakers LEORPE opened its doors in 1972. In 1975, the company built new premises, extending its workspace to 1,700 m². Its production levels rose considerably with the new space, generating a higher level of quality at the same time. In 1994, LEORPE built a new building, offering 3,500 m² of space, upgraded its range of machinery and again boosted its production capacity. The principal motivation was to improve the quality of its products and installations. Additional facilities were added to the plant, meaning that it now covers over 6,000 m².

Boilermakers LEORPE produces boilerwork products and welded structures. On our projects, whether internal or external, we use the following materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys, nickel alloys, heat-resistance steel, stainless steel for water heaters, etc.

The products we make are heat exchangers,turbines, boilers, autoclaves, pressure vessels, equipment for the chemical industry, mechanically-welded parts, metal structures with specific properties. In other words, any boilerwork product designed by the customer.

An abundance of boilerwork processes, products and assemblies, from the smallest and simplest to the largest and most complex, in Spain, France, other European countries and around the world (Morocco, Chile), confirm the extent of LEORPE’s know-how.